Monday, January 4, 2010

giving credit where credit is due

I have set many goals for myself for 2010 and most of them are connected to my finances. Since May of 2009 I have gotten rid of a gym membership, a storage unit and garage sale-d alot of stuff I just don't need. I've been making progress in paying down my two credit cards and I expect to pay at least one of them off this year.

Today I tried to do a balance transfer with a BofA credit card. Instead of raising my credit limit to allow the transfer, they actually lowered it. Which makes me look like an irresponsible credit card holder, and will surely have a domino effect on both cards and could ultimately ruin a very excellent credit score.

Sure, I'm not planning on purchasing a house, but I do plan on moving and I bet any new landlord will see this mess and I could get denied an apartment.

So Bank of America, I'm making you my priority now. I'm paying you off and closing you out. You've left a very bad taste in my mouth. I won't forget it, either.

I am done.

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